Mojito Baptism

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Funny story, I tend to take challenges when it comes to design. They could be some of the most random things you’ve ever heard. This design, like I said has a funny story behind it. My friends and I were at Teak, a bar in Orlando that has really great burgers. It was trivia night and we all start with some drinks. My friend Heather got her usual mojito and since she loves making boomerang videos for instagram, she decided she wanted our server to slide her drink across the table while she recorded it. The slide was perfect, her angle was great, unfortunately no one thought to catch the drink and it tipped over spilling all over her. Well, the night went on and we actually won trivia that night. Which we thanked the spill as good luck calling it her baptism by mojito or later mojito baptism as we put it. The server thought it was funny and swore that his first band would be called Mojito Baptism. I told him, “if you make that band I’ll design the shirts.” Well, no one believed me and a week later the shirt was made and put on red bubble. You can buy your own Mojito Baptism shirt at the link here.

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