Last Disney Project for now…

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One of my favorite rides and things to design for is Star Tours at MGM/Hollywood Studios/Disney Studios or whatever the future rumored name of this park is going to be. Anyways as I explained before long ago in a galaxy far far away and yet sometime in the future but really back in the late 80’s. Disney opened up a ride called Star Tours, a ride for the movie Star Wars and cast members got a special give away, boarding passes for the ride opening. When the ride closed down for it’s recent refurbishment, adding new lands, randomization of those lands and characters and a face lift on a bunch of stuff inside the last ride brought back the boarding passes for guests, D23 members to be exact. Well, when the ride reopened, collectors and guests alike during Star Wars Weekends came waiting to get their hands on the latest boarding passes. Unfortunately, they never came, I guess Disney didn’t see it as a necessity or were too busy designing Darth Maul (mall). So, after hearing so many complaints decided, why not, let’s see if I can make them myself and see if my work was good enough that people thought they were legit. Well, standing in line at SWW waiting to buy the annual Star Wars name tag I gave a few out to some nice guests I was talking about who actually knew what they were and though I had bought them. Some people were actually offering money and at that point I had to explain they weren’t legit Disney products and wouldn’t feel right selling them along with the possible legal repercussions. Anyways as time went on I updated the passes, and eventually turned them into the most recent travel vouchers so I wouldn’t have to update the date ever again, along with adding famous Star Wars’ character signatures. Recently, I decided I didn’t want to just keep remaking the originals and try my own version at hand and came up with the following.

They are smaller, easier to print, I don’t think i’m going to do a backside to them but if I do, i’ll update this post. Unfortunately as well I think this will be the last design I do that is Disney themed. I feel like my future may no longer be along the sparkly Disney path and need to start moving forward. It hurts and pains me do it, but can’t stay still when it’s doing nothing but leaving me in the dust of other designers. So long Disney and “have a magical day!”

Update: Can’t leave a project unfinished, so underneath is what the back would look like when printed, a little more depth and some stars to go with it.

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