Fastpass Apple Wallet

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Lately I’ve been having issues with the My Disney Experience app. It works a lot of the time, but usually when you need it, it’s not there. In the case I’ve been taking screenshots of my fastpasses to bring them up without having to wait for the Disney Network to do it’s thing. Especially when I’m somewhere that has no signal or wifi this has been my solution, not a great solution, but one that has helped. I’ve been wondering though in the mean time what I could do to make a better solution, one more Disney level appropriate. So, since Apple Wallet has been working out so greatly lately for me. I made an Apple Wallet version of the fast pass that can be brought up without internet connection, deleted easily and it looks good. Not sure if Disney will actually ever pick up on this idea, Apple Passbook/Wallet has been out for a while and nothing like this has been created for the tickets or fastpasses. Who knows, maybe they’ll pick up on it eventually…

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