Nerd Out! Skateboards

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I think I’ve mentioned before that there are things I’ve always wanted to design. Starting a clothing line was one of them, as a designer there are a lot of different mediums I’ve always wanted to play with, not to mention, I always complain that Ashley Eckstein makes awesome nerdy clothing for women but none for men. Well it is caused Her Universe and there are some companies that make that subject of clothing for men, but honestly, nothing really to my liking. So, I figured I’d probably throw my hat in and try to design some stuff that I would like and see if people would catch on. This is the start, I’m a fan of longboards and a fan of +Ultra Society. So figured I’d try to bring the two together to create these.

Each design is based off of some form of exploration and to motivate the target audience to be something more.

Whether it’s to explore, climb, create, endeavor, verbiage to make people want to step out and be something more.

Based on the movie Tomorrowland and the +Ultra Society, this is my first attempt at a nerd fashion that immerses the audience more into the world than freely advertise it. More to come in the future.

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