Pins For A Cause

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Now it’s always been my dream to design a pin for Hard Rock to be sold to help benefit a charity. I guess the idea started when all of these charities would keep coming to my publix when I lived by UCF, and well I’m a poor college student, didn’t really have much money at the time. Kind of still don’t have a lot but figured if I can’t give them money, why not come up with a way for them to make some money. That whole give a man, teach a man a fish kind of thing in a sense. Well anyways the first time I tried this was with Make-A-Wish Foundation to sell a pin with the help of Hard Rock Cafe. Unfortunately that never happened, I kind of understand now why it didn’t. The design was way too complicated to be turned into a pin and would have cost too much money and not benefited anyone. I was able to fix that though and not only that but came up with the following pin designs for three different organizations to raise money. Make-A-Wish Foundation of course since it was a dream of mine to design that pin, Pinktober since that’s a big deal for Hard Rock and finally Purple For A Purpose since it kind of came up recently.

To raise awareness for pancreatic cancer a pin I designed to raise money for The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. #purpleforapurpose

The famous Pinktober is known everywhere, especially Hard Rock, whether the hotel or the cafe. This is my design for #Pinktober, a timeless and minimalistic design

Finally a design I’ve been working on for years, in which the original design is actually on this portfolio. This is a finished product design of that concept and I feel very fulfilled to finally have it reach this point. #makeawish

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