Star Tours Travel Vouchers

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Decided to do some final upgrades on the versions of the boarding passes I created. Ok…back story…a long time ago in a galaxy far far away when the ride first opened. Disney created boarding passes for cast members only. When the ride closed down for the refurbishment to Star Tours 2 The Journey Continues boarding passes were given out to guests for “The Last Tour To Endor” When the ride reopened during Star Wars Weekends, a lot of people were looking to getting passes to add to their collection, unfortunately, the passes were never created. Myself being one of the people wanting a pass decided just to make it myself. Later on I created new passes for the next Star Wars Weekends, but recently with SWW no longer a thing and not wanting to create new ones ever year. I turned them into open ended travel vouchers that are signed by high officials that can be used any time to go to certain destinations. A few changes, a qr code, some cool signatures and this is what I came up with.

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