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This one has been on my list as well of sites to remake. DRIP was looking for someone to take on their, I believe social media stuff and email blasts. Got interested in the position through my sister but sadly the lines went dead for some reason. Anyways, I always see up and coming businesses that have a great product, but not an equal website. I can speak on behalf of Disney movies, great movies with bad marketing, usually end in failure. This is the website they have now, it’s ok, but it could always be better and made to be easier to use as well.

With the logo for a Drip honey company as a filler since I didn’t have the original company logo to work with, along with some templates for wordpress template plugins. It’s a mock up for a wordpress theme that could be made with the right theme and plugins. WordPress being easy to maintain and update and the new popular thing to do for websites.

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