Big Belly Burger

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Again motivated by a DC live action tv show, well two to be honest. I’ve been watching Arrow and The Flash and the place to go for all of your food needs is, Big Belly Burger. Unfortunately we don’t have one of those in this universe, so here is some design work for some wishful thinking.

It’s a dream come true to one day see these all over the place. Well in proper designated trash receptacles after people are done eating, but it means the burgers are real.

Followed by some coming soon billboards to tell me where to get my food fix.

And although I don’t take the bus, some signs that show the juicy goodness of a big belly burger would be a bit of heaven on earth.

Finally some t-shirt designs to show my love of their burgers and to let the less fortunate people who have yet to try their burgers, what they are missing out on.

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