Tsunami Bomb

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So, there are some things I really miss that aren’t made anymore. One of my favorite bands thanks to Warped Tour and my big sister was Tsunami Bomb. Unfortunately for me Tsunami Bomb broke up and I never got a shirt and my sister lost her shirt and you can’t replace what is no longer made. Being a designer I always welcome a new challenge and figured, why not, let’s see if I could recreate it myself. Used my new favorite colors and this is what I came up with.

[Update 01.20.16] Seeing that the band themselves liked the design I did, I decided to make some more in hopes of being sold in their recent tour. Here are a bunch of ideas I came up for them and their table to be sold in California.

Something glow in the dark for concerts and fun at night.

There obviously needs to be a white shirt, it’s hot in California and Florida, need something I can wear in the sun.

A remake of an old classic, my sisters favorite design.

Something for the hipsters, it’s all about the football shirts.

Felt this design was a bit more west coast, simple and not blowing up that I’m a Tsunami Bomb fan but still shows I am.

The first two designs I started out with, the classic black and gold title only.

And the classic logo of tsunami bomb with the new colors front and back.

Classic logo hoodie, because sometimes it does get cold.

Their new logo with the groups name on the sleeve.

Their title with the new logo on the cuff, subtle but awesome looking, I do admit, fashion wise, I like subtle over in your face.

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