The Pink Elephant

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I’ve really grown an interest when it comes to restaurants, and I guess why not join together my career with something I love. This was an idea given to me by my girlfriend about a bar that she always wanted to open up herself. It would be called The Pink Elephant because of her love of the Disney cartoon Dumbo.

The logo was actually a lot of fun to make, I guess it makes it easy knowing my girlfriend so well that I know her sense of style. She goes for minimalistic, basically she likes things kept simple. Thankfully to some mockup templates that I always keep on me, it was easy to make some new things for my portfolio as well as trick my girlfriend into thinking the bar actually did exist.

Stationary was kept as simple as the logo, pinks and whites with a rounded font to match the roundness of the elephant. Hopefully if this ever becomes a real thing, people won’t be drinking enough to see real pink elephants dancing around the bar.

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