SOTMK Spell Book

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Why play with cards when you can play with a spell book. A little research and theory helped me figure out how the game worked and instead of having cards, wizards don’t cast spells with cards, they cast spells with books.

I used some mockups I created before to give you some idea of what the spell book could look like. With the question of spell combinations, I have created pages that will already have spells combined together but figured in the mean time I would just give a demo of what the spells could look like starting out. This is the Sorcerer Mickey spell card, turned spell page.

Just a concept I came up with, I haven’t seen much changed made to the experience and I love working with indesign, figured this would finally give me a chance to play with it some more and eventually might make a final product out of it. That’s if I can get my hands on more of the digital graphics Disney released for the deck.

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