Universal Studios Pass Gone Digital

In App Design, Branding, Digital Art, Photoshop by Joel BergmanLeave a Comment

Now passbook has changed into wallet, but, there still doesn’t seem to be a lot of people using it. Since it seems that Universal Studios Orlando is going to go the way of RFID/NFC I figured I’d design something for the iphone to go with. A digital backup so that people who forget their passes like I do all of the time, still have a way to get into the parks without having to wait forever at guest services. My phone is like my 5th limb that I don’t go anywhere without, yes I worry about battery life and thankfully with wallet I don’t need internet access once it’s on there. The point is, I got an opportunity to design something that hasn’t been publicly known that it may or may not be put out there, so in a sense I am the first to design this idea. Got to love being the pioneer sometimes.

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