Universal Studios Park Insight

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So I decided to join this facebook page called Universal Studios Park Insight, not entirely sure what drew me to it in the first place, maybe it was a recommendation, maybe a friend of mine is a member and that’s how I saw it. Anyways, I join the group, get accepted and one of the first posts I see is a contest for a new Facebook cover. It really just asked for photos for them to use for the cover but figured, save them the time and design a really cool cover of my own for them to use. Votes were done by people and not a lot of people voted some got friends to just hit the like button, mine lost by 2 likes. This is the first design I came up with for the group and the next one…

Was this because Halloween Horror Nights at the time of the contest was right around the corner. I always wanted to do some design work for HHN to be seen by the public and figuring this was the closest I was going to get decided what the hell. Unfortunately as well lost by a couple of votes and although I was a little discouraged decided in the words of my idol, I kept moving forward. After finding out what the winning photos were, I offered my Photoshop expertise to design the next cover photo to be shown by the group. Finally this is what I came up with that is showcased and used by the group as we speak until the next update.

I guess I learned something other then Facebook sizes, I learned that just because I’m not the winner, or the lead, or the golden child that gets the prize, doesn’t mean I can’t contribute and take part. Which really in the end is the important thing to me because it’s the fun thing to be able to take part. Also, I ended up getting credit and everyone in the group loved it and I’m happy that the winners were very happy with my final design using their winning photos and the part they got to take in it.

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