Journey World Tour 2016

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So my girlfriend works for Hard Rock, I won’t say exactly where because who knows what will reach back to her and be approved or not approved by where she works. So I try to give as little information as I can. Anyways, their department has a new tradition that I started, seems a lot of my ideas at first are cool but they don’t really want to do it, then suddenly they are awesome ideas. So, every member of the team on their name tags have their favorite bands that they love to listen to, the managers have their own office and in that office are posters I designed of their favorite bands that are on their name tags that hang over theirs desks. It has now become a tradition and a way to actually welcome people into the management position. Not sure if it’ll become a thing for all of the departments, but it is for this one and this is a fake world tour poster for Journey to the newest member of the team.

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