Aurasma Experiment: OMD

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Aurasma is an application that has been popping it’s head around Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios, from Frozen shops to Star Wars weekends it’s shown potential of the possibilities of what it can do. One of my favorite attractions at DHS is One Man’s Dream, a museum to the great Walter Elias Disney of who he was, where he came from and information about the parks past, present and sometimes future. I decided to take Aurasma which is an augmented reality simulation app and test it out in this attraction. I took pictures of displays and added in an augmented reality experience to further what they do. I’m still playing an experimenting with the app and tweaking some of the minor issues that have arouse, but, all in all this is an amazing application with lots of potential.

If you would like to see what I’ve been working on with your own device without going into the park follow the following directions:

1. Download Aurasma on your phone
2. Click this link from your mobile device
3. Open one of the attached images on your computer
4. Open the Aurasma app and look at the following image

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