6/6+ Wallpapers & More!

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The thing that I’ve come to realize lately in the hunt to customize my iPhone 6+ is that…well…there’s not a lot to customize it with. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, maybe I just have very picky taste. Either way i decided as a good practice making wallpapers is, I do like designing stuff that is functional rather than just pretty. All of the wallpapers I have designed come with at least a ringtone to add a little extra to the customization. All of these can be find on my website here or my deviantart account here, either way, still makes iPhones that much more awesome to look at, and I always take requests, I consider them challenges to try new things to design, especially in subjects that I don’t know that much about. However I am a big fan of anime and so is my family and I think they enjoy those wallpapers the best.

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